System Components:

Grid-Tie inverter, grid-tied pure sine wave output.  Includes 4-PV string fused combiner with ground fault protection.  cUL 1741 listed.  10 year standard warranty with 20 year available.  Midget fuses included. SMA, SolarEdge, Enphase, Fronius. 

Enphase Micro Inverter, M215's & M250's, allow per panel maximum power point tracking.  Free web monitor, EMU 
and 25 year warranty.

PV combiner box,  Midnight Solar or Soladeck with built in flashing.  Knockouts for attic access. Complete with midget fuse holders and fuses.  cUL1741 listed.

Delta Surge Arrestors,   rated 120/240V
AC and 600V DC. Protection from lightning, power surges and spikes.

PV array wire,  sunlight resistant, 
AWG #10, UL4703. With locking MC4 connector in 50' and 75' lengths.  With wire management clips.

Strain relief, for PV wire entry to combiner box.  Liquid tight connectors.

PV Array ground wire, Bare stranded copper for grounding PV frames and rails to combiner box.

Microlectric Meter Base,  Available with 1/2" studs  for underground service.  Double, triple or quad.  Included with every kit or install.

Utility Disconnect,  rated at 240v. 3R rainproof enclosure. Available with view window, dual element time delay fuses included.  Standard or heavy duty. 

Spyder Racking System,  anodized aluminum.  Complete  with splices, 
"T"feet, upper panel clamps, flashing  and roof sealant. 


Stainless steel lag screws,   used to support "L" feet to roof, stainless  steel washers included. 

EHT Solar Panels,  cUL 1703 listed with a 25yr linear power warranty. Available with silver or black frames, Made in Canada.

Roof Sealant,  clear flexible and permanent caulking that seals around all rooftop fixtures. "Thermoplastic rubber"

Ground lugs,  tin plated solid copper used for PV frame grounding.  

Weeb Ground Lug, with stainless
steel fastners. Allows copper grounding to alluminum rails, creates a gas tight connection.

WEEB Ground Clips,   provides panel to rack grounding with a gas tight connection. Stainless steel.

Wiley Bonding Jumper, for grounding between rails.  Stainless steel.