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  Amped Solar Designs focuses on providing high quality turnkey solar photovoltaic systems for on and off-grid applications.  Helping individuals and businesses profit from renewable energy.  ASD has one of the most complete packaged systems available with brand name components and professional installation.  Solar power helps the environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions allowing everyone to breath a little easier.


Residential & Commercial Installations

ASD's packaged systems have been designed for high efficiency and maximum energy yield.  We use solar panels manufactured in CANADA with a twenty five year power guarantee.         

ASD designs and installs Residential, Commercial & Off-grid photovoltaic systems.

 Professionally engineered systems with hand picked components competitively priced.  

  We also provide smaller solar charged back-up power systems for cottages, RV's, boats & trailers.

ASD specializes in everything solar:                         

  • Residential Net-Metering.
  • Commercial Net-Metering. 
  • Off-Grid battery systems.
  • Solar EV (Electrical Vehicle) charging stations.
  • Remote lighting for cabins, sheds & signage.
  • Sump pump battery backup systems.
  • RV and trailer solar power systems, complete kits or installed.
  • Construction trailer battery systems for lighting and alarms.
  • Golf cart solar charging station / rooftop solar conversions.
  • Canadian made solar panels with 25 year guarantee.
  • Flooded and AGM deep cycle batteries available.
  • Residential and commercial structural assessments.


Unirac Racking Systems

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

SMA 6000 Watt Inverter with integrated disconnect / 4 string combiner.  Shown with fused Utility disconnect and dual meter base for underground service.  Systems include Delta surge arrestors and textured plastic equipment labels.  Installation is available including structural assessment by a professional engineer.

 We have Canadian made 125 Watt panels with a 25 year power guarantee. Ideal for trailers, RV's, boats, cabins, cottages, sheds, remote lighting etc. 

Rugged commercial grade panels for only $160 each!

 Complete grid-tie solar power systems Include all electrical and mechanical components.  Engineered for optimal efficiency and performance, maintenance free.  Tailored  to fit every roof type and designed to perform over a wide range of temperatures.  Ground mount systems are also available with fixed racking or motorized trackers, providing guaranteed monthly income for twenty years!  We're here to answer your questions, Contact ASD today.

Office: 905-382-3827
Mobile: 289-929-4878
Email: jbernardon_asd@yahoo.ca

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